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eng)Study Vlog | อ่านหนังสือที่บ้าน ซื้อของ แกะพัสดุ เล่นเกม | K.Kwon

Hi I’m K.Kwon Study Vlog If I make a wrong subtitle, please apologize. Today I want to eat something spicy. Therefore I went to buy Samyang to eat Very spicy Eat so mess -///- Eat another mess Study English Study Korean Study Chinese Hello Rainy Study English Play game and relax. (Very old game) I

Clarence Clark – studying online

Hi my name is Clarence Clark I am an international student from Phoenix Arizona back home in the United States. While school was open I guess I was a Sports Scholar and I participated on the American Football team as well as the soccer team.As for this new remote study thing, learning from home, it’s