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Kirikou’s School Day

This is A Kind of Adventurous Life! Maybe Kirikou wakes up if I play melodica Nanook stop! I want you to wake and go to school! You are late! He wakes up if I jump on him! And this is my school! Hi! My name is Kirikou! For the past three months I’ve been distance

1.78 million students in S. Korea resume classes Wednesday after COVID-19 enforced break

One-point-eight million schoolchildren are heading back to classrooms in South Korea in the coming hours,… after months off due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The third batch to return to school,.. the students include first years in high school, second year students of middle school and third to fourth year elementary schoolers. This means 77 percent

Brewstew – School Field Trip

Alright, now when you’re a kid in school, there was nothing better, than going on a field trip. And out of all the field trips that I had as a kid, our local bowling alley was probably my favorite. Now, why was it my favorite? Because it was totally uneducational, that’s why. It’s not the