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My School Morning Routine 2020 ☀️

Help me translate this video into YOUR language! Leave [your name] here to credit yourself ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ Hey guys! What’s up? Welcome to my School Morning Routine If you’re new to this channel, then welcome! I’m a 16-year-old high school student with 4.0 GPA and a very promising future and I’m also a very sarcastic person

Brewstew – School Field Trip

Alright, now when you’re a kid in school, there was nothing better, than going on a field trip. And out of all the field trips that I had as a kid, our local bowling alley was probably my favorite. Now, why was it my favorite? Because it was totally uneducational, that’s why. It’s not the

Mario Online School

SUPPORT MY VIDEOS BY SHARING TO BIG YOUTUBERS AND TO YOUR FRIENDS! *the intro is playing* SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! Today at Mushroom Kingdom… *Mario is eating a delicious spaghetti* YEAH TOAST Puffer fish : aeugh *Happy Mario changing channel* Mario : IT’S GAY!!! *Mario is having a good laugh!* *Heavy sniffing a illegal substance lol*