Music Education Changes Lives

– I love making music because I feel like I’m
on top of the world. – Without band it would feel like half of me was missing. – It teaches you that you can get over any challenge or hurdle in life. – And music changed his life. – I absolutely would
not be where I am today without my music education. – Music has taught me how
to be more respectable towards me and towards others. – Be your best self. – Teamwork. – Passion. – Grit. – Innovation. – Community. – Pure joy. – A place to belong and grow. – Confidence. – Hard work. – Problem-solving. – Accomplishment. – Generosity and trust. – I believe that music heals. – I think I had maybe,
six elementary schools. Once I got introduced to music, it was nice to finally feel welcomed. – We want the band hall to be their home away from home. They realize that there are people there with common interests. And that helps them feel safe. – Being on stage and performing for people, and just having people
listen to your story and what you have to say is just something that is
changed everything for me. – My name is Jamsel Rodriguez and music makes me the best
version of me that I could be. – My name is Kim Garza. – My name is Mary Pat Dettmer. – My name is Emma Newby. – My name is David Borland. – My name is Kaitlyn Dutton, and I believe music can change the world.

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