So, I guess the essence of this new
paradigm that we’re talking about is really about a mindset and a behavioral
change that then really effects our ways of gathering together and
connecting to each other and relating to each other So it takes a shift from competition, where there is like a run for everything a feeling of scarcity all
the time a feeling that I only have to take as much as I can out of this into a mindset of collaboration where I can think that there is abundance and there is a space for everyone It takes a shift from monoculture where there’s a
space for only one way of doing things one right answer one way of dressing up
one way of living one way of consuming to a multi culture to a space where
everything is possible everything is opened everything is connected and where
diversity is a strength rather than a fear It takes a shift from
compartmentalization where the things that we study are divided into subjects
that are not relevant to life or nature to comprehensive or holistic where the
body the mind the soul and the heart are all part of the same being and where
understanding the world around us is about understanding how everything is
intertwined if you’re studying how to grow your food for example, you’re
talking about physics geography and climate and biology and communication
and human interactions and so so many things Another thing is really going from de-contextualization where there is like this whole illusion that every kind of
science or every kind of knowledge can fit anywhere else, so taking science out of its context or any form of learning out of its context and moving
from that to contextualization to place-based education, to not having a
recipe and where everywhere something different will work based on the context Another necessary shift is a shift from
this paradigm, really this disease of certification that everything needs a certificate when certificates really do not express what I really really know I have a certificate in dentistry and I tell you I cannot be trusted to put my
hands into someone’s mouth, you know, but I don’t have a certificate in so many
other things that are really good at but what I have is a community currency a
community reputation a portfolio that I have done those kinds of things that
I’ve tried them and they worked and I continue doing them Another shift is
shifting from commodification to a culture of gift from this culture where
like everything has to be bought even education and the more money you put
into the more prestigious it becomes to a culture where there is living in a
community and living in a gift where you get to serve and get to gift whatever
you have that is abundant and this actually creates a bigger cycle of
abundance And another shift is a shift from criticism to compassion, connectedness and appreciation So instead of
criticizing everything and just finding the bad and everything and just
criticizing others to a culture of having compassion for difference instead of criticizing our own identity or our cultures, our rootedness to
appreciating that and seeing what is abundant in it and connecting to it and
acting from that place

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