Gove ‘confident’ teachers and pupils will be safe at school

Running through the figures, the R
number, the rate of infection in the community overall, we’re confident that
children and teachers will be safe. Children will have to be distanced now
sitting at desks in a way which might seem rather more traditional and we can
do that by making sure that we have staggered lunch breaks, staggered breaks
for play and we can have children arriving in a staggered fashion as well
and we can make sure that you have one adult per class and that you
cap class sizes at 15. You can sit here and guarantee that
no teacher is going to catch coronavirus as a result of going back to school? Well, the only way ever to
ensure that you never catch coronavirus is to stay at home completely. There is always, always, always in any
loosening of these restrictions a risk of people catching the coronavirus. So you could guarantee their safety? It sounds like from what you’re
saying you can’t really. – Yes.
– It’s a personal risk for teachers. The key thing is that we can
make these workplaces safe. You can never eliminate risk but
as we know as we’ve heard, it is the case that it’s extremely unlikely
that any school is likely to be the source of a covid …


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